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Thanks for checking out my drumming site. I don't play as much as I did in the past, so i've changed my site up. Feel free to check some links below to be directed to videos or contact information.


With over 20 years of experience playing a wide range of genres, Jamy Casteel has forged a name for himself in the music world as one of the preeminent drummers in the Southern and Midwestern United States. Coupling a relentless work ethic with remarkable talent, Casteel has worked with a variety of artists in the studio and on stage, including Vordak, Our Mother’s Martyr, The Omaha System, Octave Jaw, Arbuckle Xpress, and Jeff Hobbs & the Jacks. Thanks to his experience in several drumming styles, from death metal to red dirt, he has acquired a reputation as a drummer who is both reliable and skilled enough for any project.

Jamy Casteel is currently a drum instructor, makes drum covers and instructional videos, as well as recording and performing with several artists throughout Oklahoma and Texas.

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